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Victoria and her team have consistently and diligently provided professional advice to my family and wife. When my Mother first entered the early stages of Alzheimer’s, we had very limited knowledge of the situation, her needs, and especially how things would unfold along our journey. Victoria’s extensive experience in these areas was and is to this day exceptional. Not only did she win the respect of my Mother (when she was coherent), my family and wife, but she provided leadership when we were not in Charlotte, NC. Her fiscal recommendations/solutions and creativity has allowed us to provide top of the line care for my Mother especially as her needs have changed.

Mark – Alaska


ElderSource is everything that a family might need. Victoria cares passionately about her clients and their families, about preserving relationships and protecting dignity. She has deep expertise in the medical conditions and other issues that can afflict the aging, with a wealth of smart ideas about how to get ahead of them before things get worse.  She has a wide network of resources and service providers that you could never find yourself and don’t even know exist. She respects family budgets. She is calm in crisis. She is one of the most creative, out-of-the-box thinkers I have ever met, and never, ever gives up until the problem is solved, and done right. She sees no task as too small to take on and no issue too large to tackle. The bottom line: if an elderly loved one is too far away for you to do everything you would like to, or is in a complicated situation that your family can’t figure out alone, Victoria is your solution. Her help for my mother has been a lifesaver for us all and her devoted commitment, month in and month out, to our very difficult circumstances has caused me to see her now as one of the family.

Jennifer -Washington


Victoria has led our family into a very comfortable zone wherein we all feel “at home” and secure with the decisions we have reached. I praise God for choosing Victoria from ElderSource to be our guide during this most challenging time in our lives.

Norma- Charlotte


For several years Victoria has managed my father’s care, coordinating his medical treatments and assembling a team of caregivers to help him remain safely and well at home. Victoria sees him frequently and maintains regular contact with me, so that I have reliable updates on his condition. I especially appreciate her expertise and dedication because I live far away and would have not have been able to make the necessary arrangements myself. Thanks to ElderSource’s efforts, my father is living comfortably and healthily at home.

Nick- England


Thank you for the wise counsel and solid advice you have provided for all these years. Our mother would not be enjoying her life nearly as much if you have not been there at every juncture.

Cyndi- South Carolina


We truly appreciate all that you did on behalf of mother. She is doing remarkably well. We are very grateful for all the good work and caring you provided on her behalf.

Andrea- California


When we saw that we could no longer care for my father, as a family we were lost and had no idea what to do or where to start.  Fortunately, you were doing a workshop at Charlotte Christian School on how to care for aging parents.  You were so helpful when we spoke and you gave me step by step what I needed to do.  Even where to go for legal help, since we did not have the financial resources that were needed to care for my dad.  We were able to get my father in a nursing home that cares for him both physically and emotionally.

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and care you took in my father.  He is happy and thriving, which has brought great peace to his family.

Sharon- Charlotte