Support for family caregivers

What usually happens in families is that one individual shoulders primary responsibility.

Is that you?
While caring for an elderly parent can be very gratifying, it is also a lot to juggle.

You don’t have to do this alone!

With one of our care managers beside you, you have a knowledgeable and caring expert in aging who can lend insight and experience. We help you understand the challenges your loved one faces and explain the options available for senior care. We also help you prioritize the issues so you can make confident and informed decisions about the current situation and the likely future.

The journey of aging is an intimate journey.
Let us help you enjoy this season of your family life and create good memories you will cherish.
Give us a call at 704-562-3200.

Learn more about our support for family caregivers:

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Emotional support for families

  • Is caregiving consuming your life?
  • Are you feeling tired, frustrated, and guilty?
  • Worried you can never do enough?

We understand! Family caregiver stress and burnout is very real. Let us work with you to develop a care plan that gives you time off to address your other responsibilities and recharge your batteries with activities that give you joy.

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Let us relieve your load

From taking your relative to the doctor, to coordinating transportation and other support services, you are spared tasks that others can do so you can provide the love only a family member can give. We can also make life easier by coaching you on strategies to deal effectively with difficult problems:

  • Does your loved one have Alzheimer’s? Are you worried about wandering? Emotional outbursts?
  • Is substance abuse an issue? Are you concerned about your relative’s sobriety? A possible relapse?

Our care managers have years of experience dealing with a wide range of issues and can help you constructively set limits and put balance back in your life.

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Caring for parents from a distance

You shoulder all the work commonly done by a family caregiver who lives nearby, except you have the additional stress of needing to travel and uproot your life anytime your relative has a problem. This can be quite disruptive—and costly—adding even more pressure to an already anxious situation. And then there’s the guilt that you can’t be there more often. Sound familiar?

Let us help!
You receive peace of mind knowing that a caring expert in aging is available for emergencies. We can assist your loved one in the hospital and counsel you about when is the best time to come.

With our ongoing support, your visits are less often taken up with tasks to be done and can focus more on the joys of your relationship. Plus, you can rest easier knowing your loved one is treated like family by caring professionals you can trust. We will keep you informed if we see signs of a problem brewing and will suggest solutions personalized to the needs of your loved one and family.

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